Our company is your best source for professional, value-driven low-cost service. 

We have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience. Our expertise enables us to provide the most valuable and innovative services per dollar spent.  We specialize in human relations, economic development, and small business resolutions.

T&J Associates of New Jersey LLC became a limited liability company in September 2005 offering workplace investigations, training curriculum development and presentations, alternative dispute resolution, and outreach services to promote your marketing or fundraising goals.  Later, we included tax preparation and small business accounting for 15 plus years.  Today, freelance writing is offered to include grant writing. 

We proudly share credentials and references of satisfaction for all services provided of which the following are just a few.

Brochure       Resume          Grant Writing Certificate 
Portfolio       NJ Registration      NJ MWBE 
 Federal Registrations    NJDOT DBE
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