Educational, training, and business decisions are determined by our values, and it is important that those values are compatible with the culture of the organization we choose.  T&J services prepare individuals for the impact of changing values on organizational life.  Services are available by contract and/or online by clicking the links below.

Employment and Small Business Consultants
When you need business coaching or employment advisory services for investigative, analytical, or assessment purposes, T&J can respond with experiential, innovative, and educational credentials.  Also offered are surveys, upward mobility assessments, and creation of or updates to job descriptions and essential job functions.

Training Curriculum Development & Presentations
Training manuals are developed and presentations made for specific issues you must address.  Program designs are relevant to such environments as the workplace, schools, colleges, and nonprofit arenas.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

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Positive Behavior in Schools

Conflict Resolution
Consulting or mediation services to address specific issues and change negative behavior at work, school, and other public areas is another specialty.  Efforts result in an increase in profits and a decrease in risks and liabilities as individuals understand differences that prevent working as a team.

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Marketing Designs
Graphic designs (flyers, brochures, newsletters), web site development, and fundraising assistance to galvanize marketing efforts.   Share your needs and give us the opportunity to answer them.

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White Papers
Purchase white papers on workplace and campus issues, as well as training manuals for self-edification or for workshops you plan to attend.  Also check schedules for on-line training under the E-Learning (webcasting) category by clicking the Online Programlink below.

Writing Services
Ghostwriting, indexing, copywriting, abstracting, general editing, proofreading, indexing, newsletter designs, fundraising solicitations, and grant writing.  Samples include:

Online Program Selections

There are many experiential, behavioral obstacles that interfere or block successful training, especially discrimnation and harassment training.  To assist in countering this behavior, T&J has planned several behavioral training webinars that you will find useful as pre-training programs.  [TO BE ANNOUNCED]

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