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Authenticity:  The Power Is You!

The Oneal Group is a marketplace of freelance writers specializing  in business, employment law, and education.
At Oneal Group you can find the best writers for linguistic quality and originality
who adhere to all copyright laws and plagiarism solutions.

The President of the Oneal Group and her freelance writers have 20+ years of writing skills and writing experience effected during their managerial professional careers before the establishment of the Oneal Group in 2014.  Our experiential skills are from education, business, and government.  Resumes are available on this site or upon 
 request.  We offer you writing services when needed  with fresh outsider perspectives.  
Our skills and expertise can be categorized as: :

Journalism - short stories, articles, ghostwriting, copywriting, general editing, proofreading, 
newsletter designs, report writing, fundraising solicitation, indexing, and abstracting.

Business Services - training curriculum development, conference and workshop flyers and brochures,
company and association newsletters, investigative reporting, business and master plans, 
statistical analysis reports, grant writing, and fundraising solicitation.

 The uniqueness offered is although we have fabulous ideas to share with you, our major interest is how your needs complement our talents.  We believe you are in the right place, at the right time.  Contact us today!

Joyce Pratt, President

Pratt Resume

Writing Samples:
Bullying Kills
A Divided Church (unfinished)
Consider the Source (unfinished)
Happiness (unfinished)